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Love, Dana Marie


You remind me of TSwift on her Tim McGraw album (which was my fave!).

McKenzie P.

It's obvious that your music is coming from something that your heart has to say. I'm always SO excited for a new release!!

Elyse P.

Our family slipped in to the Blue Bar in Nashville last night and found your adorable happy self.  I just want to say that we all LOVED your music and you. Best wishes to you! We think you'll make it to the top!  

Loretta J.

You've outdone yourself as always!!! I absolutely love Burn It Away, in fact it's playing as I type. I'm sure that my office neighbors will get tired of hearing it on repeat...my hope is attract new fans. Haha!

Crystal P.

I enjoyed your music when i was in Nashville and you have a great voice and tone. You're  very beautiful with a great voice...You will be high as the stars someday!!!!

Mike H.

You are a gorgeous Country girl, Dana! I love your music, I love your angelic voice. I will always be your fan!

Scotty A.

Saw you last Thusday for our first time at Crazy Town (Nashville), requested "She Got The Boy," your voice sounded great!

Perry and Lori A.

Thank you for sharing your talent with us at the Foundation Room at House of Blues Chicago!

Nate T.

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