Holding Onto Hope T-Shirt Bundle

Holding Onto Hope T-Shirt Bundle

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This Bundle includes:
Holding Onto Hope Flowy T-Shirt
Holding Onto Hope Physical CD Album
Holding Onto Hope Digital Download
* The Album Notes (Digital)
* (I Am) His - 3-Day Devotional on Identity in Christ (Digital)
Flowy T-Shirt Description:
With lyrics from Dana's single, "Holding Onto Hope," you'll be reminded that even the parts of you that you think are broken are actually just a part of the beautiful mosaic that the Lord sees when He looks at you. The broken parts allow for the light to get through, so we can thank God broken hearts still beat :)

The CD features: 
* A beautiful jewel case
* Gorgeous photos and artwork (designed by yours truly)
* The full Holding Onto Hope album plus a bonus song
* An inserted booklet
* A secret note on the inside!
* The first 100 copies are signed by Dana

Album Tracks

1. Burn It Away

2. Heat Lightning

3. My Radio

4. Holding Onto Hope

BONUS TRACK: Country Love Song (Wedding Version)