(I Am) His - 3 Day Devotional Series

(I Am) His - 3 Day Devotional Series

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Becoming Whole, Radiant, Free and Confident in Christ

Have you ever tried to place your identity in what you look like, or what you do for a living, or who you're dating / married to? I definitely am raising my hand, girl! It wasn't until I really pressed into who I was in Christ that I began to live from a place of true confidence. I love encouraging women to find their true identity so they can live from a place of true security and confidence. This 3 day devotional does just that.

Each day, you will have a devotional to read through, scripture to check out, a worship song to listen to, and even extra resources, if you want more. After going through this devotional, you will leave encouraged, lifted, and knowing that you are loved. And you know what? A woman who knows she's loved is unstoppable. 

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